Month: May 2024

Where ist the sun?

Bonnie is searching for the sun  – slideshow and behind the scene clip –

You Won’t Believe the Hilarious Stuff That Happened in Marseille!

You know those travel moments when you instantly bond with locals over shared laughter at your own ridiculous mistakes? Yeah, Marseille loaded me up with enough of those…

Let’s dance!

Dancing videos have become a ubiquitous part of contemporary digital culture, captivating audiences across the globe. These videos, ranging from professional performances to spontaneous dance challenges, are more…


Nikada Videoclip

Real day for a housewife

Reah Housewifes work by Yo                       .

LA afternoon at the roads

  I always thought that all of these Figueroa videos was just cut and spliced to make it seem like there were more girls out there than there…