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Rimini – the weekend!

  Weekend in Rimini. Rimini. Italy – 4k Walking Tour around the City – Travel Guide  

Welcome Heidi Kluuum

Beauty Heidi Klum at her visit by Jimmy Kimmel at the TV – a nice evening talk …     Omg! Her English is pretty good but you…

Sunny summer

Letz enjoy the summer with photomodel Ann sunny summer in sunny sexy-golden bikini     Thanks Ann for this amazing photos from Hellas and the sunny summer

Let’s surf every day!

Computer (PC, Laptop, Notebook, Handy, Smartphone, Tablet) ON, internet connection high speed ON, good place for watching AVAIABLE – great! Let’s surf to your blog: Shantal’s blog –…

Dancing girl dancing!

Azerbaijan Dance girls

Classic sexy violin

Letz watch and here Sara Davidson-Gurney in violin action: Days in Mexico:

Green Selfies by NiNA

    Much friendly smile – much fun with NiNA and some selfies in the green garden .. green selfie time with beauty NiNA Shantal says “Thank you…

Fun with Shuffle and Fun Factory

That’s good good, fancy footwork  

Love (me) again!

  I’ll be shaking my booty to this song all night long!  

Jump, jump!

Ready for the girlsjump – Alhely in action: Girlsjump with Alhely Girlsjump with Alhely  

Shiny rain!

Rainy day with Katya – wetlooklegging with high heels day

Nina: Oh baby, this blows ’em all away

Very sexy moments with beauty Nina – “oh baby – this blows ’em all away”

We should be all in love!

Mariya at the sea and “we should be all in love” – great!

Jogging with Yo

Let’s start with jogging. But not only this, also some jumps and others in the forest with Yoana

First sun – first smile

  Spectacular beauty!!  

Dance Baby dance – Esta Noce

Finest Salsa!

A good night story

There are the good night stories, supposed to calm you down. Today good night fairy Yoanna comes and tell you something. Of course, she wears the high to…

Jump at the lake

Yvonne at the lake – wearing classic black wetlooklegging – and ready for the jump, the girlsjump, high to the sky: The Girlsjump – high to the sky…

A lot of boot content

DJ Soda

Hwang So-hee (Korean: 황소희, born April 7, 1986), known by her stage name DJ Soda, is a South Korean DJ under Highline Entertainment. Hwang has built her reputation…

12 floors

  Stay at home – cam record (Youtubelist)

Yo – time 4 selfies

Wonderful world of dabke!

Where is my car?

Where is my car? Yv searching for the hidden car!


Coming soon, 

Hot nightwalk in cold night with Yv

Another great moment with Dana L.

DANA LABO – leather boots over knee, high heels, jacket, gloves and ruberized, shinny pvc leggings.  

Little strech at home

At Shantal’s blog: A little streching with Elizabeth at home – you can watch this in the slideshow below:

We are strong!

We are strong – wir sind stark – vereint! R.I.P. Sinan +

Bittersweet sky

A walk with sexy Yoana and her jump high to the sky – the bittersweet sky today

What, one minute is enough?

What? One minute is enough?

Another Lockdown Day

Amy Valentine starts another day in lockdown times – of course with a jump in the day!



jam – just a minute – winteryo – and else

High to the sky!

high to the sky with Bronnica(s) high heels

The bottle in the bathroom

Slideshow with Yv et Yo (YvYo.Club) – the bottle in the bathroom –