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Shakira & Hard Rock Stadium – Miami

Shakira – Miami 2024 “Hips Don’t Lie”

Dance Baby dance!

Best to do: dance! Samy de Palma proudly presents: the dancing ladies at the road! The great summerdance from 2016 with Yo & Iliana

From Zero to Yogi: How to Start Your Yoga Journey Today

  Are you curious about yoga but unsure where to begin? Yoga is a transformative practice that can enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This comprehensive guide…

No sin city

  Sin City is a film adaptation of the 2005 Frank Miller comic of the same name. It was directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. The film…

Why do women like taking selfies in front of the mirror so much?

Why do women like taking selfies in front of the mirror so much? That’s an interesting question! Women often take selfies in front of the mirror for a…

And now: Michael!

– Billie Jean 🎵 🎧


As a super star, you are always in the spotlight of the media and fans, and even J.Lo can’t escape that! There are currently two big topics surrounding…

With Vanja in the backyard

  Yes, with Vanja in the backyard …  

Girls, Girls and Girls!

Jump into the day!

with Celene Nox

Where ist the sun?

Bonnie is searching for the sun  – slideshow and behind the scene clip –

You Won’t Believe the Hilarious Stuff That Happened in Marseille!

You know those travel moments when you instantly bond with locals over shared laughter at your own ridiculous mistakes? Yeah, Marseille loaded me up with enough of those…

Let’s dance!

Dancing videos have become a ubiquitous part of contemporary digital culture, captivating audiences across the globe. These videos, ranging from professional performances to spontaneous dance challenges, are more…


Nikada Videoclip

Real day for a housewife

Reah Housewifes work by Yo                       .

LA afternoon at the roads

  I always thought that all of these Figueroa videos was just cut and spliced to make it seem like there were more girls out there than there…

Fireball – now!

Once again – dirty dog!

Shakespeare never died – Terry is so friendly and tell us more 🙂               + + + shantal – 2024 – fun…

Da dumla dumla da

daga dumla da – made in bulgaria

German Rock?

Is this it is – german rock or it is this german folklore?     No matter, it’s the handover from old to young …      

Fun at the stairs

3 ladies – 3 times of party fun!

Dancing accompaniment through the dark night

This ain’t Texas, ain’t no hold ’em

Beyoncé – TEXAS HOLD ‘EM

Waiting 4 Marc

Great wait & dance session with L:y & Marc

Lily sings!

The common thread among the trio, other than their DNA, is their masterful three-part harmonies which blend together to create one singular, almost angelic, voice. The band began…

Night meeting with party lady Yo

Cold night – hot fashion party lady Yo – with a view to the viewers of Shantal’s blog: Deep night – and a view to the party lady…

I godina nova 2024

    Beautiful lidijs! Wonderful! I love your talent. If only I could get a hug. I would feel like the happiest step in the world. But I…

Xmas is on the way!

Winter, snow, and …

Pink Friday Girls

  You can’t go wrong with the Cindy Lauper sample. It was a smart move that she didn’t change it to much. Just added her Queen’s touch. She’s…

You steal my sunshine

Deep dark night – no sun – always night – Nina, you steal my sunshine   I was lying on the grass on Sunday morning of last weekIndulging…

The Marash Scream

  Once again, Halloween, once again, the scream – loud and powerful by Jo      

Sun & fun at the beach with Nina

beach day with Nina

Nice meeting at the night

Hello Jo, where are you? Let’s meet me for a walk with sound 🎧      


Meeting with Vanja

This is – this is house – this is house music ! ♫

2 hours cozy house music in time – on your ears …

Never unholy!

lucky lady Yo & deep forest & never unholy

Juhu, i can fly!

Crazy girlsjump – high to the sky – with Larky

Good morning

Let’s start in the day with “good morning” and a dance 🙂

Yes, it’s already friday, time for Gutfeld!

What else to say – here is friday and here is Gutfeld!


it’s time, lunchtime with Toyah And Robert               .    

Dog life

My Girlfriend Acts Like A Dog And I Like It