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High walking in corona times

Shopping walk in high to the sky red heels and black wetlooklegging – also the corona mask – Dana Labo on tour & well done!

Build a girlfriend in 2020

Chyprak Remix: party lookin out my monster

Vid from Chyprak Remix with the famous Creedence Clearwater Rev band and our sweetie Jeny S. – let’s go out n’ enjoy it!

The highheels walk by Nina

Random Dance

Yo’s jump in the week

Stunning red night

Just a short moment in the night with Nina in red wetlook leggings and dancing highheels. Thanks Nina and a special thank to Curtis Waters and his song…

Walking in the shiny sun

Always warm welcome: Gabrijela Pejcev


How Jerry Seinfeld (“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”) pays the check?

Tiny woman – good idea  

The afternoon dance

And now ladies et gentleman – the sexy ladies wetlook legging barefoot hot dance!

Walk around with me!

  Она безумно красивая Девочка  

Just in time!

I like Shantal’s blog!

Thank you Yvonne, for this nice words!

High heels walk before the mob brings it down

Summergreetings to Shantal

Hello Shantal, best summergreetings from Ana-C – and please don’t stop the party in this times!

The turbofolk will never die!

  The police came to me because of the loud music, they got drunk more than me   Balkanparty with Turbofolk and finest ladies – that make my…

When leather leggings goes to pole dance

Yeah, this is real: you open the door – come inside – and see this: Finest Pole Dancing in new faux leather leggings by Sandra Beeston – “professionalism…

Best heels motivation – by Jessica

It’s enough

Shantal proudly presents: The road walk “it’s enough” with Yo – Yvonne and Petar – to the music “Enough” from Avery Watts.

Listen – this is the scream – this is my house – by DJ Izzet Yilmaz 2020

Azeri Girl Drinks Blood With Dance

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

  Everything is great in the video  

Mustang & Cidnic

  Cidnic got the chance to drive an awesome bagged must GT. She’s whipping around the busy streets of Downtown Los Angeles! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the…

2 minutes pinkie walk with Lexie