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Lexie M, ups 2020

Let’s do a simply walk in shiny black fashion and sexy summer heels – wouh – and then? Oh,, yes, a headstand – very good and spontaneous! Well…

The perfect transformation!

The real shiny design

A nice wetlook video with all the shiny fashion in vinyl legging, skirt and else fashion for 2020

Shantal 2020: after the bath out of the wet things

Colorbombs 2020

So we start 2020

Shoot in den HNY 2020!

Lopov – he stole my heart!

Julie Skyhigh – 2020 walk to the museum (special clip)

  I’m wearing this great outfit (beige GML overknee boots and black MET jeans with swarovski on the side and my beige jacket that perfectly match with the…

Yes, 2020 with Gabrielle!

Gabrielle: Hey folks – I’m trying on my favourite Cecilia De Rafael Fusion Pantyhose and giving them a little review! Shantal: So sexy, so nice – Gabrielle starts…

Winterlegging 2020

Katie and Claudia present the “Leather Legging Looks” – we call it the Winterlegging 2020 – more from the both beauties with Shantal’s directlinkservice: Broke and Fashionable at…

What, already 2020?

Cozy walk with Yvonne

Xmas with V i X E N

Also here, Shantal’s directlinkservice: Fly to the Vixen (in a new window) Don’t forget, to watch the Vixen underwear

Surf every day to Shantal’s blog

Dress up the Christmas tree

The catwalk in blue boots with Dana

Time for TikTok?

Shantal’s Newsflash – today the Ukraine

Hello here at Shantal’s blog are the latest news – today from ukraine! The most important points: Ukraine lacks the financial resources to pay the running costs of…

Agile Katie?

Yes, of course, this is satinprincespriscilla #satinprincespriscilla – and a big WOUH !! ? And here comes – Shantal’s directlink – service for you: – sorry –…

A good start in the day, with Yo and Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

When it comes to sports

Yo investigativ: special wedding

+ + + special wedding + + +

I’m never gonna call you papi

Sweetie Isabela Merced and her new song PAPI – let’s enjoy!

Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok / Douyin China S02 Ep. 08

Saturday, dance baby dance!

Yoga in Highheels by Nina

Yes, Fitness!

Yes, fitness with Jen Selter makes fun and is a good body work Shantal’s Directlinkservice – here again: Fitness and more page of Jen

Scherzinger and more!


Never, or yes? TESTO E

Listen to your heart – classic vid by Gioma!

Get a star