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The blue moment with D’Ma

A mini slideshow with D’Ma – the blue moment.

Once again burgundy?

It’s shuffle time now!

Right now – the shuffle time! Do it – wear it (Leggings and Sport’s Bra set: Denim Patch from

Sexy burgundy walk by Lexie Shines

Real 16

Much high to the sky – real 16 and a hot vinyl leggings outfit – presented by Bella Bubba

Sun & fun at the beach

Much fun with sexy Nina at the sunny beach – here at the Black Sea

Sexy photographer

Photomodel & actress Yvonne today as a sexy photographer

Du hast meine Liebe nicht verdient!

Capital Bra & Loredana – Nicht verdient [Intro: Capital Bra] Sag mir nicht, dass du mich liebst Sag mir nicht, du bist verliebt Sag mir nicht, dass du mich brauchst…

Run to me!

Short: Walpurgis Night

Sarati – 1st may – wetlook dance

 Hit me baby – well done dance for the 1st may by Sarati

Good morning strech on the railway

Trash story

Missy Elliott – Lose Control

Lose Control

Yvonne in the nature

Just a slideshow with Yvonne in the sunny field

Sexy Bangkok Dance by Yo

What to do at home?

Good moods with Julie Skyhigh   ulie you are best, hot and sexy real good job…. WOW !!! i think, you living this role with heart and soul… amazing extraordinary every time…

Wash and rub your hands !

Jam with heels

Much traffic?

Fun in this times with Yo and Yv on the railway

The sexy red (high to the sky)

The San Diego beauty with unboxing red highs and very sexy as we always and we like it!

Yo – photographer n’ ph-model

 Shantal proudly present: Yo – a slideshow – Yo as photographer with long hairs and much high to the sky highheels

Blue crema

More from hot Lexie:

Paris opera dancers at corona times

Corona gotto go home tonight

I always belong to you?

Sportsfun A great video with much funny moments at the sportplaces

The white moment with Lexie

A moment with Lexie in the garden – a little walk – plastic heels and white leather wetlooklegging

Purple and blue – the pantyhose review – Pantyhose review by Yo The sexy pantyhose review by Yo – purple pantyhose and blue fishnet tights  

Colored room cleaning with NiNA

 Hot colored wetlook legging and high heels for the room cleaning.

Go-go blue spandex hotties Studio work with sound – well done!

Always waiting?

Fishnet in nature with NiNA


Basket – do it!

Floor dance – deep dark

Anti-Corona-Soud – auf die Ohren – Barabar (Jana)   Ljudi ginu zbog korone a mi zbog Marasovog remixa

See me walking – sunset walk   Девочка просто огонь красотка шикарная фигурка выглядят божественно    

Fun in this times

Let’s watch the home games for fun in this times – presented by Yvonne and Yoanna

Camel Suede Leather Tigh Boots High presented by Linda

Camel Suede Leather Thigh Boots by Linda

First Emmy winner, first Oscar winner, first Hollywood corona virus

Hello folks. @ritawilson and I want to thank everyone here Down Under who are taking such good care of us. We have Covid-19 and are in isolation so…