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Shantal’s golden video mix

Yummy (aka Alice), Ann, Yo and much more stars on this video – let’s dance! Shantal says: Go home – exit video – don’t real know what this…

Yo: cooking in heels – how else?

    Yey – sexy girl in the kitchen!  

The dance in the forbidden zone (Schmutzfabrik)

Sexy unboxing: newest FIMI Palm camera by Naomi Wu

Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu review the new FIMI Palm. We are happy to see, Naomi is well!

Happy n’ classic road dance

Ana C. with Tropotita from Ștefan Petreuș and the album Cât îi Gutâiul de sus

Shantal’s directlinkservice to pantyhose with sexy Nina

Dance – dance all – #5-2020 – Russian Dance Club

The famous russian dance club by Dj Albert – sound for every moments

St. Valentine’s day in the studio with Yo n’ Yvonne

. . . . . . . .  

Y3MR$ – let’s start

    Yes! That’s our spring girls 2020    

Good morning 2020 with the Roadhouse Blues

What a crazy sound – what a nice voice – what a great girls – this is the show 2020, isn’t it? The Roadhouse Blues by Marcus Nimbler!…

Shakira & J. Lo’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

    #NFL #Football #AmericanFootball

Red body work

Let’s come in scene Lexie and now the body work can start: Yeah, so well done! Thank you Lexi! More from her? Here she is : “More from…

Hurray, we have beauty snow falling and now we cook :)

Shantal don’t know, where this is – but there is much snow and a nice cooking – that’s it! And here is Shantal’s directlink service: Lomakamarishka at Instagram…

Yes, we like your walk on metallstairs! The sound is great!

Isn’t that the right sound for 2020? Thank you Catie – so great done!   Catie is at the Back of the Shoes Of Hollywood Shoe Shop and…

Nothing can come beTWIN us!

TWINS – double power – Stephanie Baessler slogan: wild spirit, soft heart, sweet soul More at Instagram: Stephanie Baessler

Breakfast with honey and heels!

How to make breakfast? Let’s watch the famous Tania Skaya.

врло добро – MAYA BEROVIC – CRNO ZLATO – 2020

  Dobre ribe u remixu,a za remix ni da ne pričam,kao i vazda rasturiooooo      

This girl is freaking amazing!

What a voice! Souds good for all songs! In this video you get 15 different voices – by Yanina Chiesa  

Turn around sweetheart!

Lexie M, ups 2020

Let’s do a simply walk in shiny black fashion and sexy summer heels – wouh – and then? Oh,, yes, a headstand – very good and spontaneous! Well…

The perfect transformation!

The real shiny design

A nice wetlook video with all the shiny fashion in vinyl legging, skirt and else fashion for 2020

Shantal 2020: after the bath out of the wet things

Colorbombs 2020

So we start 2020

Shoot in den HNY 2020!

Lopov – he stole my heart!

Julie Skyhigh – 2020 walk to the museum (special clip)

  I’m wearing this great outfit (beige GML overknee boots and black MET jeans with swarovski on the side and my beige jacket that perfectly match with the…

Yes, 2020 with Gabrielle!

Gabrielle: Hey folks – I’m trying on my favourite Cecilia De Rafael Fusion Pantyhose and giving them a little review! Shantal: So sexy, so nice – Gabrielle starts…

Winterlegging 2020

Katie and Claudia present the “Leather Legging Looks” – we call it the Winterlegging 2020 – more from the both beauties with Shantal’s directlinkservice: Broke and Fashionable at…

What, already 2020?

Cozy walk with Yvonne

Xmas with V i X E N

Also here, Shantal’s directlinkservice: Fly to the Vixen (in a new window) Don’t forget, to watch the Vixen underwear

Surf every day to Shantal’s blog

Dress up the Christmas tree

The catwalk in blue boots with Dana

Time for TikTok?