Thank you for viewing the show. Stella Club is a weekly show broadcast LIVE on Thursday evenings at 6 pm California time. Subjects are diverse to reflect the many interests of your host, Stella Stewart, as well as her audience. Stella is known for her comedic as well as intellectual wit in many subjects. Following in the footsteps of Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Jack Paar, Oprah Winfrey, Dick Cavett, Steve Allen, Jimmy Kimmel, and many others, Stella is now blazing a trail for a new direction in talk shows. Not only are the topics and conversation geared to a younger audience than the old network hosts, but Stella also takes live callers for real life discussions. Stella has proven to be down to earth and approachable and her show results in a very personal experience. Stella also has a role in a TV show that is now in pre-production. He & She, the Irishman, Terry Blake Handbags, Dolce & Gabbana Heart Case Bag also featured