Month: November 2019

Listen to your heart – classic vid by Gioma!

Get a star

Patti Smith week * Rock ‘n’ Roll Nigger *

  Yes … this is the last song of the week by Patti Smith. The song is “Rock N Roll Nigger” written by Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye,…

It’s not what, I’m used to

This was never the way I planned Not my intention I got so brave, drink in hand Lost my discretion It’s not what, I’m used to Just wanna…

Patti Smith week * Because The Night *

  Hello again! We are almost at the end of our week dedicated to Patti Smith. The song I chose today is her biggest hit, namely “Because the…

Patti Smith week * Changing of the Guards *

  Today’s song I’m going to present to you is not exactly a Patti Smith song. It’s name is “Changing of the guards” and it’s actually a Bob…

Patti Smith week * Dancing barefoot *

  Hello again, Today I will present you one of my favourite Patti Smith songs – it is called “Dancing Barefoot ”. It was written by Patti Smith…

The newest Tesla truck

Elon: This Truck has a door  

Patti Smith week * Horses *

Hey, Today’s Patti Smith song is “Horses”. This is also the name of her debut studio album after signed with Arista Records. “Horses” has been viewed by critics as…

Best Boss – Mr. G. Steinbrenner!

Run and Shuffle with Nina in hot black wetlookleggings and summer high to the sky highheels

Patti Smith week * People have the power *

  Hello again! It’s a Patti Smith week and the second song I will presend you is “People have the power”! “People have the power” is a rock…

We all love the Chicago Bulls !

Shantal and some more people hope and wish and know: Bulls will make the playoffs this year YEAH!

Patti Smith week * Land of a Thousand Dances *

Hello! This is the Patti Smith week! I can talk a lot about Patti Smith. She is unique in that she does so many things and does them…


Take off – Abu Dhabi

Take off – out of Abu Dhabi to Paris with Etihad With Shaima and Sophie from Abu Dhabi to Paris (Take off at Abu Dhabi with A380)


Hot wilderness

 More? Yes, with Shantal’s directlink service:

What’s about elevator?

All to do with heels, no problem!

Forestdance by Yo

Leggings are the only way

Better, you know ..

Better, the devil you know – Gabrielle n# Alexa at halloween – so sweeeeet !! A big thank from Shantal for sharing this secret!