As a super star, you are always in the spotlight of the media and fans, and even J.Lo can’t escape that! There are currently two big topics surrounding Jennifer Lopez:

  • her marriage to ben affleck – an interesting, good-looking man – where there is a lot of sun, but unfortunately also shadow, so it can be that ben is sometimes grumpy and rude? nevertheless, it seems that she is still holding on to the marriage – even if the circumstances may be difficult.
  • Insiders report that Jennifer Lopez could go new musical ways:

Jennifer Lopez Planning a Country Music Career?

The idea would be for the singer to move to Nashville (however temporarily) and begin the project. She doesn’t have Country credentials, but she could borrow from those who do.

Beyonce is from Texas — and in addition to racist backlash, she also found that fans who love her were not always willing to follow her into a different genre of music. Not if they don’t enjoy it in the first place.

Clearly, some people are big on the idea. But what matters most is whether Jennifer Lopez even has an interest in a Country career.