Month: May 2020

Los Angeles declares state of emergency

Newsflash: America Crisis

 What started as a terrible villain in Minneapolis is now seizing hotspots across the country. It shows that the united states of america are largely a lawless…

Mask fashion?

A mask fashion video by Celene Nox – “my convid 10 mask fashion” comes here: Mask and fashion – is this possible – Celene shows how to do!

Summergreetings to Shantal

Hello Shantal, best summergreetings from Ana-C – and please don’t stop the party in this times!

The turbofolk will never die!   The police came to me because of the loud music, they got drunk more than me   Balkanparty with Turbofolk and finest ladies – that make…

When leather leggings goes to pole dance

Yeah, this is real: you open the door – come inside – and see this: Finest Pole Dancing in new faux leather leggings by Sandra Beeston – “professionalism…

Best heels motivation – by Jessica

Much sweet fun! turk – arabia – party – much fun with the dancing ladies!

It’s enough

Shantal proudly presents: The road walk “it’s enough” with Yo – Yvonne and Petar – to the music “Enough” from Avery Watts.

Listen – this is the scream – this is my house – by DJ Izzet Yilmaz 2020

Azeri Girl Drinks Blood With Dance

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

  Everything is great in the video  

Mustang & Cidnic

  Cidnic got the chance to drive an awesome bagged must GT. She’s whipping around the busy streets of Downtown Los Angeles! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the…

2 minutes pinkie walk with Lexie

A very nice ad by Sandra for shiny leggings

OMG these new pants are next level Sandra

Summertime Blues by Marcus Another great video by Marcus Nimbler – the summertime blues …   Summertime Blues performed and programming by Marcus Nimbler written by Cochran/Capehart Summertime Blues – Lyrics…

Summer time 4 Lexie

Preparation 4 summer: hot jeans n’ outdoor heels

The sexy summer dance 2017

Yvonne and Yo shows us the despacito sexy summer dance – a remember to the 2017 hot summer

Live and let die? Once big entertaining by Marcus Live And Let Die performed and programming by Marcus Nimbler written by Paul and Linda McCartney Live And Let Die – Lyrics…

The blue moment with D’Ma

A mini slideshow with D’Ma – the blue moment.

Once again burgundy?

It’s shuffle time now!

Right now – the shuffle time! Do it – wear it (Leggings and Sport’s Bra set: Denim Patch from

Sexy burgundy walk by Lexie Shines

Real 16

Much high to the sky – real 16 and a hot vinyl leggings outfit – presented by Bella Bubba

Sun & fun at the beach

Much fun with sexy Nina at the sunny beach – here at the Black Sea

Sexy photographer

Photomodel & actress Yvonne today as a sexy photographer

Du hast meine Liebe nicht verdient!

Capital Bra & Loredana – Nicht verdient [Intro: Capital Bra] Sag mir nicht, dass du mich liebst Sag mir nicht, du bist verliebt Sag mir nicht, dass du mich brauchst…

Run to me!

Short: Walpurgis Night

Sarati – 1st may – wetlook dance

 Hit me baby – well done dance for the 1st may by Sarati