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You steal my sunshine

Deep dark night – no sun – always night – Nina, you steal my sunshine   I was lying on the grass on Sunday morning of last weekIndulging…

Shut Up and Dance

Turn to you!

Yo ready 4 the fly?

Shantal’s endless loop – never ending – good night!

Fun with Shuffle and Fun Factory

That’s good good, fancy footwork  

Nina: Oh baby, this blows ’em all away

Very sexy moments with beauty Nina – “oh baby – this blows ’em all away”

Another Lockdown Day

Amy Valentine starts another day in lockdown times – of course with a jump in the day!

fresh memory of the summer (2020 and 2016)

let us enjoy the memory of the end of summer 2020 and the hot summer 2016   summer ideas and memory at shantal’s blog

Always time for Dabke

Time for Dabka

Dabke for the gentlemen – Dabka for the ladies   شوف البنت اللبنانية بس تمسك الدبكة وتنزل عالأول?شاهد ماذا تفعل

Just fun with Yoana!

Steinbrenner, who else?

What a magnificent guy!

Always warm welcome: Gabrijela Pejcev

When leather leggings goes to pole dance

Yeah, this is real: you open the door – come inside – and see this: Finest Pole Dancing in new faux leather leggings by Sandra Beeston – “professionalism…

Listen – this is the scream – this is my house – by DJ Izzet Yilmaz 2020

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

  Everything is great in the video  

The sexy summer dance 2017

Yvonne and Yo shows us the despacito sexy summer dance – a remember to the 2017 hot summer

Floor dance – deep dark

Fatal Love

  I love you even when you are in Paris to New York to go, you would be close to me I love you even when you’re in…

saturday night is sunday morning

and friday is already this day!

Shantal’s golden video mix

Yummy (aka Alice), Ann, Yo and much more stars on this video – let’s dance! Shantal says: Go home – exit video – don’t real know what this…

The dance in the forbidden zone (Schmutzfabrik)

Happy n’ classic road dance

Ana C. with Tropotita from Ștefan Petreuș and the album Cât îi Gutâiul de sus

So we start 2020

What, already 2020?

I’m never gonna call you papi

Sweetie Isabela Merced and her new song PAPI – let’s enjoy!

Scherzinger and more!

Listen to your heart – classic vid by Gioma!