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Lady Gaga on House of Gucci, Love Scene with Salma Hayek & Auditioning for LensCrafters

Meat Loaf R.I.P

  Amazing musician and actor Meat Loaf has died at the age of 74. He sang the hit “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)”…

Doom here in NY?

Just a december spectacle with Yo & Yv, moving around the month … Did we ask?  

Shut Up and Dance

Turn to you!

Yo ready 4 the fly?

Autumn Dance with Yo and Yv

White date

white story


Jamiroquai – Alright

Good Morning Girls!

Let’s start the new day – good morning!

Radio Jam

Walk, walk, walk!

Classic heels – high to the sky – the nice walk with Ashley   Ashley is at the Shoes Of Hollywood Shoe Shop and Unboxes another Amazing Style…

Yo and autumn leaves

Well, we have already said goodbye to summer and welcomed autumn. For some people, this is depressing because of all the rain, the increasingly rare walks in the…

The long way to Ava Max

She is so talented and beautiful! She deserve more support! I’m in love with her music

The Public Piano

Thanks Brendan!!

Supreme Beauty

Yes, supreme beauty and this is called in hindi language “Param Sundari” so we can say “param param param” and can dance to this nice param sundari song…

8 Great Websites

  Useful online help provided by : AutoDraw Autodraw is a new drawing tool. It helps you to create anything visual and fast. The tool is completely…


Yo and Yvonne – Is this a bedtime story?

What, Jessica?

Jessica as construction worker

Montanatucker – dance with Britney Spears

Montana Tucker in dance action – high volume – high entertainment – the boulevard for Britney Spears with Montana Tucker

Once again: Jack’s Homerecord!

5 Minutes with Jack and his Lady! Yvonne in action – call me ..   you can call me, you can call me – you can call me…

Jack’s Homerecord

Jack proudly present, his home record with the two ladies Yv and Yo – letz see!

Pantyhose Yulia: first edition with NiNA

Exclusive at Shantal’s blog: Nina at a Yulia Pantyhose edition #2021-09 NiNA

temporary not available

Yo et Yvonne – temporary not available – the corona pest damm!

New sexy leggings for forestwalk!

Hot hot hot – new black wetlook leggings and much high to the sky high heels – Yvonne at the forestwalk!

Tres Tres Chic

A hot summer night slideshow with Yvonne at the pier

Jetboard in action

Cool for the summer

Cool for the summer – cardrive ‘n’ singing with beauty Yoana. older song, actual summer 2021!

Eurodance 2021 SN Studio

Mad Black

Meet 2 cats

A nice meeting with 2 cats – photos and clip for your eyes

Sexy bikini lady at Philipines

A happy day at the beach with Ann

Blue Shantal

Blue Shantal – high temperature – fresh blue water with photomodel Yo in the swimmingpool

Summer night party

Selfie style and very hot – the hot summer party night with Yo n’ Yvonne, sorry, only some short moments here at Shantal’s blog.

The pool afternoon

Sofa vs. Schwimmingpool The fresh and exciting afternoon with Yvonne at the pool – seen by Samweber (and not Shantal)

la – di da – da da – Blaues Licht

  Da merkt man einfach was eine krasse Produktion ihr zusammen stellt, wenn man mal überlegt das das jetzt gestern raus kam und dort großteils Szenen ausm Libanon…

Shantal’s endless loop – never ending – good night!

Yo et Yv at the beach

Dr.Alban Remix Mega Dance Tina1

Excellent mix !

They are all in Saint Tropez!

BARBARA BOBAK – versus AZIS letz start with beautiful Barbara Bobak – Sen Trope 🎸  They are all in Saint Tropez 🎸  Others in the Maldives 🎸  …

Relax Remix